Thursday, January 27, 2011


We're really excited to announce this show!

On Friday, February 18th, Us on Roofs will be playing at the Vera Project with some of the finest bands in Washington state. These bands include:

LAND OF PINES. Listen to them. They are honestly one of my favorite bands to see live these days. They are so passionate and their songs are so catchy, yet complex and well-structured. They're unbelievable. Do not miss this opportunity to see them live.

THE WARM HARDIES. If you miss getting to see Conservative Dad all the time, this should whet your appetite. The Warm Hardies is Matt Batey (of Con Dad) and Tamara Power-Drutis (along with Eric Anderson of Cataldo and Sean Lane, also of Con Dad). You will have an overwhelming positive emotional response to their live show, no matter who you are.

THE CAT FROM HUE. We've had the fortune of getting to play a lot of shows with these guys (not to mention the pleasure of having their guitar player, Wesley Williams, record our new song, "Fossils," for us!), and they just get better and better every time we see them.

Some more details about the show can be found here:

I sincerely hope to see a bunch of your beautiful faces at this show, if nothing else, so you can see the three marvelous bands we're playing with. I feel really lucky to share this bill with some of the most talented people I know.


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