Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 Reasons to come to the Vera Project on Friday, February 18th

1. This is the first time we've played a real show at Vera (the other time we played there, it was a benefit show that we opened at... and there was no one in the audience for us; the other bands didn't even watch our set).

2. Land of Pines has been making tons of waves in Seattle lately. They've been getting write-ups left and right; twice in Sound on the Sound and once in Seattle Show Gal, among others.

3. Matt Batey's and Tamara Power-Drutis' vocal harmonies.

4. The Cat From Hue has new material that blows doors down. Getting to hear it at the Vera Project will be a treat.

5. We will be playing 3 brand new songs! This will be the first chance to preview them before we release them on the EP we will start recording later this month.

6. Conservative Dad hasn’t played a show since September of 2009 – I certainly miss them, and if you ever saw them, you probably do too. The Warm Hardies will help ease the pain of our longing.

7. It’s your last chance to see Land of Pines before they bring down the house at EMP|SFM’s Sound Off! 2011.

8. Sound on the Sound (local music blog) will be there to review the show!

9. Land of Pines will be performing for the first time ever with Jarred Katz on drums – the man is practically a legend.

And most of all, number ten…
10. Matt Batey’s beard.

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