Monday, February 21, 2011

Some shows and some news (new EP, t-shirts)

Greetings all! 

First thing's first - thanks to everyone who came out to the Vera Project on Friday! We had a great time playing, and an even greater time watching our friends The Warm HardiesThe Cat from Hue, andLand of Pines totally kill it.  

On a different note, here's a couple of cool things we have coming up in the near future: 

- This weekend, we will officially enter the studio with our friend/sonic mastermind Wesley Williams to begin recording our sophomore EP. It will feature 5 previously unrecorded songs. We will be posting updates/pictures/videos about the recording process frequently, so stay tuned! 

- We will have T-shirts (most likely) by the next time you see us! The designs are finished, and we are very proud of them. - We will be playing in Gig Harbor on March 4th with the one and only COLONIES! It's their first show in a long time and they are honestly one of my favorite live bands in the NW. Not to mention, it's for our close friend Kyle Peterson's senior project. Don't miss it. Check the event page here: 

- Lately, we've been talking about the Burning Building Recordings compilation that we're on... And we will have a chance to share it with you really soon! We're playing a CD release show for the compilation with The Oregon DonorThe Courage, and Candysound on April 1st at the Q Cafe. Everyone who shows up gets a free copy of the compilation! Check out some info here: 
And the event page for the show:

- On April 15th, we will be opening for none other than HEY MARSEILLES! It will be all-ages and in Seattle. It's the only show that they will have played in a really long time. You're not gonna want to miss it. Stay tuned for info about getting tickets (they'll probably go fast). The Warm Hardies and The Violins (formerly known as Caulfield and His Magical Violin) will also be performing.

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